Subject: Attestation of service
Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2012 08:55:29 -0500
 As you know, Sara and I purchased a female Great Dane pup from you in 2011.  The dog, Violet, was born in December of 2010 and we brought her into our home in early February of 2011.  She has since grown to be a wonderful part of our family.  I have been very pleased by the quality of her breeding and our veterinarian has remarked several times about how healthy and well-formed she is. 
We have been long time dog owners but this was the first Dane we have owned.  You were very helpful in helping to recommend the right dog for our family, especially in light of the additional considerations introduced by our special needs son.  You were great about providing status updates and pictures as we anxiously awaited the opportunity to bring her home with us.   There were several phone conversations that Sara and I had with you lasting between 45 minutes to an hour.  Your patience and willingness to talk about your animals is ultimately what made us decide to purchase Violet from you as it was very easy to see how much you valued and cared about the animals and their health and wellbeing.  Even after we brought Violet home there were a few items that came up regarding issues specific to Great Danes.  I remember one incident in particular where we were concerned about some tenderness and swelling in her front leg.  At that time, I took a few pictures and sent them to you along with a quick description of what was occurring.  We then talked on the phone to address our concerns.  You were able to explain what was occurring and why and were able to reassure us that it was very natural with the large breed dogs.  It ended up being a simple matter of her growing so fast that her joints were tender as they struggled to keep up with her body’s growth rate.  We followed your suggestions to help make her comfortable and alleviate the swelling and everything was resolved as you had said that it would.  Violet has since “caught up” with herself and all systems have been 110% go ever since.  Your willingness, desire and availability to stay in touch with us on a post-sales basis have been a very pleasant surprise and go a long way in showing how important it is to you to ensure that both the dogs and the owners are happy with their new relationship.We have been very pleased with the entire experience we have had, and continue to have, with Niobrara Great Danes.   The community of Dane owners you have created is a wonderful experience and we love the ability to catch up on how Violet’s brothers and sisters are doing as well as to share stories with the other owners.  I would have no qualms about recommending you to others that are looking for Great Danes nor would I think twice about getting another Dane through you in the future.  Sara and I both would be happy to serve as references for you in the future should the need arise.Sincerely
 Tim and Sara Krueger (and Violet)
March 21, 2012
baby Violet

To Whom It May Concern:

We purchased our blue Great Dane Taj, from Niobrara Great Danes approximately 4.5 years ago from Trish Hansen. This July 5th, Taj will be 5 years of age. Trish has a strict application and interview process with which she screens her potential Great Dane owners. Niobrara Great Danes screens owners and selects pups, which best meet the needs of the individual families and the pup’s personality.
Our Great Dane, Taj was flown to us in his crate (from Niobrara Great Danes to Minneapolis International Airport) and arrived happy, healthy and absolutely the most beautiful Great Dane puppy in the world. The carriers at the airport were just as smitten with him.
Trish, and Niobrara Great Danes were communicative, educational and always available to answer our questions on a moments notice. We were instructed from even before day one, what to feed and how to care for our Dane. Trish asked for references both personal and veterinarian references.
Since receiving Taj, I have contacted Trish one time with regard to Taj’s eyes, she replied quickly and with knowledge. Periodically, we touch base about Taj and her other beautiful dogs and from time to time, I go out to her website to view her latest pups. Niobrara Great Danes is nothing shy of a top-notch breeder with a talented and loving staff breeding and caring for their pups.
If there are further questions or concerns about the quality, care or condition of my experience with Niobrara Great Danes, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I have saved all of my communications and would be happy to express my sincerest sentiment in this case.

Angela Amundson

To whom it may concern,My name is Alysia Bigge. About 5 years ago I came across a website with some of the most BEAUTIFUL and WELL BRED Euro great danes I had ever seen. I currently owned a great dane and had decided to wait till something ever happened to her be it old age or something else before adding a puppy so I could give her all my time and attention in her senior years. I emailed Trish Hanson and inquired about her breeding program, puppy contract, etc and was EXTREMELY impressed by her very thorough screening process for her puppy homes. She inquires about everything under the sun from where the dog will sleep to who will be watching it when you are away and also simple questions like why you think this breed is for you. She goes to great lengths the make sure that NONE of her puppies end up in a shelter or in the hands of someone that would do them any harm. It is a very responsible an ethical breeder that will take a dog back no questions asked no matter what it's age should you no longer be able to care for it. She truly cares for each and every puppy she produces and is in CONSTANT contact throughout the life of the dog asking for photos and updates on how they are progressing and always telling me to call anytime day or night if there is an emergency or health concern. Before I became the owner of one of Trish's puppies I had numerous health problems from allergies to slight hip dysplasia in my first dane. Trish ALWAYS found time to talk to me about Sage's problems and give me advice even though she was not a puppy from her breeding program. The breeder I go her from dissapeared and would never call me back. Over the next few years as Sage aged I became good friends with Trish talking often mostly about danes. When Sage got bloat in Dec. 2011 at age 10 I called Trish for advice on what to do. She was in severe pain and surgery was something she might not have even made it through. I knew she would give me an honest answer and putting Sage down was the most humane thing to do. She had been through this with one of her own but had opted to do the surgery and watched her poor girl suffer from complications for over a year before having to be put down. Had I not had her advice I probably would have selfishly done the surgery and my girl would have suffered at my decision. Two months after losing Sage my fiance and I decided we were ready to add a new puppy to our lives. Insert ROMAN.... lol. This STUNNING, solid black, bundle of slobber and kisses was delivered to me on Valentines Day 2012. I asked Trish to help me choose a very laid back submissive companion and Roman is everything I could have ever asked for. When Roman got a rash on his belly she suggested he had a chicken allergy as some of her pups have had... On her suggestion he was switched to Lamb and Rice and the rash vanished. I have always been able to get ahold of her anytime I have had any question or concern and if she didnt answer I got a call back within minutes of leaving a voicemail no matter what she had going on. She is a VERY HONEST, RESPECTABLE, ETHICAL BREEDER and I feel very HONORED to be one of the lucky few to own one of her beautiful dogs. The fact that someone is demanding a refund for a dog and REFUSES to show ANY proof that the dog is in fact deceased is RIDICULOUS. Thats like saying you totaled your car and you want the insurance company to pay you for it but not have proof its been totaled. She asked repeatedly for proof of death from a vet or a necropsy and this woman refused to do EITHER and STILL, bring the good person she is, she offered to replace the puppy knowing this woman was probably lying. But no,.... All she wanted was the cash back. The things the woman is now saying about Trish are terrible and completely untrue. All of us that know her and own her puppies can attest to that. We will all stand by her in this and back her up and support her just like she does for all of us anytime we need her.
-Sincerely, Alysia and David Renner (Roman and ZsaZsa)...

Roman at our wedding.                                Zsa Zsa

I'm not sure exactly what you want to hear from us, but what I do know is I will never buy another great dane from anyone other than you Trish and Niobrara Great Danes. We purchased Herky the fall of 2009, and our baby blue male Great Dane was my wife and I's first puppy we ever bought. We researched the breed up and down and looked at many breeders, and when we decided we finally chose Niobrara Great Danes because of the professionalism from Trish. Any question we asked was answered. We asked about advice on the proper food, vets in the denver area which specialize in Great Danes, and what we need to do to make sure health wise our pup was going to be in good health. Trish advised us about ear cropping and gave us a great resource in the Denver area which led us to a vet who we felt was outstanding in educating us about the breed and ear cropping. Trish also warned us about getting the stomach surgery which prevents bloat in Great Danes. The vet we were using (which we were led to because of Trish) was also a specialist in the surgery and actually teaches vet students the procedure. Overall we are 100% pleased with our baby boy we purchased from Niobrara Great Danes and have had zero doubt about our purchase. We have had zero health complications or behavior issues due to improper breeding of any kind. We will probably always have a Great Dane in our lives, and when Herky (which we hope is a long time from now) leaves us then if we purchase another Great Dane we will, without a doubt, purchase he or she from Trish and Niobrara Great Danes. 


Matt and Chelsey Markert
Hi Trish!  Oh course I will give you a glowing recommendation!  Since the first time we talked you have always been more than knowledgeable and helpful in every way possible.  'Raleigh' just turned 3 this past February (2012) and is doing absolutely wonderful!!!  He is absolutely gorgeous and couldn't have been bred a better dog.  His health and temperament have been flawless; and you have been so informative and helpful over the past 3 years.  We have spoke many times and you have always been very helpful and responsive.  You've even tried to work with me on many occasions when I've mentioned getting another Dane from you.  My only hope is that you'll be breeding Danes for also long as I keep wanting one in my life.  I can't imagine getting a puppy from anyone else but you.  I've told my husband this on many occasions! 
 I hope everything goes ok for you.  That woman is crazy!  It sounds like something went wrong on her end and she's be shady just to get her money back.  If that actually happened to me, I would graciously accept your offer for another puppy.  It sounds like you are doing the right thing!  Good luck!
Kadie Summerlin
NC/VA Representative
BG Medical, LLC
919.368.0711        Raleigh
Hi Trish,
  Just wanted to give you an update of the kids.  Russia, (The Drama Queen) is doing great,trying to keep everyone in check but it is such a difficult thing to do here.  Odin, is still a huge love and is everyone's friend. He is the jaw dropper, we can't go anywhere with him and have people not stop dead in their tracks. Petrova is still the wild child, and is currently working on obedience and agility with my friend who runs the Doggie Daycare at the vet clinic I work at. We are all having a great time and enjoying this nice weather.
  I just wanted to thank you again, for these amazing animals.  I have enjoyed getting to know you over the years, and becoming friends with you.  The endless amount of time you have taken answering all of my questions, concerns, and bragging has just shown me how responsible you are as a breeder, and that you truely care about your animals and what you do. 
  I will have to give you a call soon, just so busy, and you know how long our phone calls can end up. 3 HOURS AT A TIME!!!! LOL  Russia, Odin, and Petrova send their love and big sloppy kisses.    Lindsay

I meant to email you anyway to tell you what an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING dog Cali is.  Wish we lived closer so you could meet her as an adult.  She is so calm, well behaved, and of course gorgeous.  I get compliments on her all the time about how well-mannered she is, and a pleasure to be around.  She is so great with our kids, and even when we have a menagerie of kids over for birthday parties she is a joy and so respectful of all the little people running around like banshees.  Thank you so much for such an amazing, amazing dog.
 Statement from Allison Russell, Mitchell, SD.
Dog Name:         Niobrara’s California Dreamin’
Dog Age:              1.5 years
 Our experience with Niobrara Danes has been nothing but positive.  From the pre-purchase information and support, to the post purchase counseling with dog care and recommendations, Trish Hanson and Niobrara Danes has been extremely helpful.  In addition, our dog is in amazing health, wonderful disposition, beautiful confirmation, and has required nothing but regular preventative veterinary care.  We will absolutely purchase another dog from Niobrara Danes after our dane has lived out her life with our family.  Our experience has been so positive, we have recommended other dog lovers to purchase their dane from Niobrara.
Beautiful Cali !!!
Niobrara Great Danes has been more than helpful in every aspect of dog ownership. Everything from pre-purchase questions to post purchase questions, I have received all the information I have asked for and then some. All of the answers I have received have been straight forward and honest and also have been received in a very timely fashion. All in all, I feel Trish and Niobrara Great Danes are a great example of how dog breeders should operate. My Dane, Enzo is currently five months old and has been a great addition to the family. I will be a repeat customer.

Can't thank you enough Trish,

Best regards,

Courtney Allinder

To Whom it May Concern:

Trish Hanson has done nothing but be supportive of me and my two Great Danes, Diesel and Dolce. I spoke with her once a week on the phone for 6 months prior to picking Diesel up in Nebraska. Whenever there has been a concern, Trish has been there to help me no questions asked. Please feel free to contact me at 972 250 6800.
Christopher Dauwe
Rosewood Homes
(972) 250-6800
Gulfstream Development, LLC
c:972 250 6800
f:214 363 8031
 I currently own a Niobrara Great Dane (Mr. Lincoln).  He is tall, dark and handsome and a true Ambassador for the Great Dane breed.  He is six years old and I find it flattering that Trish Hanson stays in contact me.  I often send e-mails to her about Mr. Lincoln because she let me know early on that every one of her Danes are a family member and she likes to stay in contact with the adopting families.  I am very proud of my Dane and I know Trish is too as she often responds to my e-mails.
 I also volunteer for a giant breed rescue and Mr. Lincoln always attends the events with me to represent  the breed.  I trust him around every human (big and small) and every dog, cat or horse that we have contact with.  I have never had any problems with his temperment.  Since I am involved with rescue, it is imperative that we have a dog that “knows how to act in public.”  I told Trish I wanted a momma’s boy and he is exactly what I hoped for.  Trish and I spent at least one hour discussing her dogs and how important it is to her to find the right family for her dogs. I completed the adoption application and my references were all contacted – that says a lot for a breeder.   I have prior Great Dane experience (10 years) so I was thrilled out of my mind when she told me I could have one of her beauties. 
Because my dog is huge, people often want to know where he is from and what process I went through to get him.  I have stayed in contact with Trish hoping I will get another chance to adopt again from Niobrara Great Danes.
Kaywin Sohl, Lincoln Neb.
    Amy Wishart Brown
o    I bought the most beautifully, amazing black female Dane from Trish in 2005, I named her Athena. She is very healthy and at almost 7 years old acts as if she is still a young puppy!! She is my once-in-a-lifetime Dane, with the best temperment and personality you could ask for in a companion!! When I first met Trish, one of the things I was most impressed with about her was how she answered my questions and asked me questions! Trish was not out to just "sell" me a dog, she was interested in what kind of home I would provide for one of her puppies, what my intentions were with the puppy and how much of a commitment I was willing to make to this puppy. She was always there if I needed advice and 7 years later, she still is. We talked for some time before I actually got Athena from her and I trusted her so much that I told her I just wanted a healthy female and I knew I would be more than happy with whatever Trish picked out for me!! I was more than right and Trish just seemed to know that Athena was a perfect fit for me and my family. I have recommended Trish to several friends who also got puppies from her and are very happy with them!!

                            March 21, 2012

Dear Sir/ Madame
Please accept this brief letter on behalf of my relations with Niobrara Great Danes.
I purchased a blue male great dane from Trish Hanson almost 4 years ago, Fergus is almost 4 years old, 190 pounds and healthy.
Trish has always supported me no matter what my questions were, and always in a timely manner. When my husband and I decided we wanted a great dane we searched in Canada but could find a blue dane which is what I wanted. I searched further and found Niobrara Great Danes, in which I started dealing with Trish by telephone.
Not only did Trish help me with Fergus once I got him home, she helped me with my 1 year old English Bull Mastiff. Before I could purchase a dane from Trish I had to get Bella under control, she was very dominate. Trish talked with me on the phone and sent me exercises to do with Bella, within a few months I had full control of my mastiff! All because Trish took the time to discuss Bellas behaviors with me and helped me work through the problems, this is before I even owned one of her danes. I tried calling the breeder I purchased Bella from and they wouldn’t deal with me but Trish, a lady that didn’t know me at all other than I wanted to purchase a great dane from her helped me without question.
Trish stayed in contact with me from the time I purchased Fergus, any problems I encountered or questions I had she had the answers. Such as how much to feed him, how do I deal with his separation anxiety? Why is he eating the walls and carpet? Why is he so nervous and what should I do? All these inquiries were answered right away, either by phone or by email.
I am still in touch with Trish by Facebook, I don’t call anymore as my dane is under control but I know if I had a question she would love to hear it and help me work through it. Trish is a wonderful breeder and I would recommend her to anyone that was serious about wanting a great dane.
Tammy MacDonald


This letter is being written on behalf of Trish Hanson of Niobrara Great Danes.  As a breeder of 15 years and owner of a Niobrara Great Dane myself, I feel that I can offer a professional insight into the case of BLUE FEMALE and her owner_________.  I feel that Trish is a very knowledgeable, ethical, and compassionate breeder who without question was willing to honor her contract in the case of Dakota’s death.  She had not only offered a replacement puppy REGARDLESS of cause of death, but also spent time talking with the owner in order to assist her emotionally due to her loss.  As per my experience, ANY breeder would need proof (vet statement) of cause of death in order to warrant a replacement puppy.  However, if the breeder is conscientious of their lines and the health therein, they would also want the cause of death in order to address that in their program.  Trish was willing to give a replacement puppy REGARDLESS of cause of death.  She simply was asking the owner to find out the cause of death.  This seems more than generous and again points towards the diligence and ethics Trish holds.  I simply cannot understand how the owner of Dakota, Sheryl Sullivan, could be upset with Trish.  She was guaranteed a replacement puppy with the only stipulation being proof of cause of death regardless of cause.  Being a breeder for 15+ years myself and owner of danes, I feel that the owner is trying to hide something.  An otherwise healthy 1 year old bitch collapses dead with no other underlying medical conditions and said owner doesn’t want to find out why?  This raises a red flag.  My first thoughts are poisoning or some other acute onset of injury (i.e. obstruction, bloat, foreign object).  Without cause of death or even proof of death, I myself would never replace a puppy nor do I know ANY breeder who would.  The owner is asking us to merely rely on her own “hunch” of what happened and trust that the dog is indeed deceased.  At the very least, the owner should have had a necropsy done.  This is standard protocol.  I can’t imagine myself not at least wanting to know what killed my beloved pet.  This again raises a red flag.  I simply do not know of any breeder, and I do know many, who would replace a puppy without a cause of death.  None.  And in this case, I feel that it is the owner who is unwilling to abide by her agreement with Trish, not the other way around.  The owner has nothing in writing proving that the said dog is even deceased.    I feel that Trish has more than tried to be ethical and sensitive and has actually gone above and beyond what the average breeder would do in this case.  The fault does not lie with the breeder in this case, but the owner’s failure to abide by simple protocol.
Cathy Morris
Renassaince Danes and Neopolitan Mastiffs.
Angela Morehouse
5601 Madison Ave
Lincoln, NE 68616
To whom it may concern,
I have had the pleasure of owning three Niobrara Great Danes. Prior to purchasing my first Great Dane I did approximately six months of research on breeders. I wanted to be sure I chose a responsible breeder that was not a 'puppy mill'. I contacted breeders all over the country. Through this process I heard about Trish and I learned many people considered it difficult to get one of her dogs. This peeked my interest because I believe only a responsile breeder would turn away customers and their money to be sure the dog went a responsible home. I researched Niobrara Great Danes and Trish and found, unlike many breeders in the area, she had no complaints or pending investigations on the treatment of her animals. I was also surprised when Trish was more than willing to have me come and visit her home to see where the dogs were bred.  Many other breeders told me they could send pictures but really didnt want me to visit and this gave the impression they are hiding something.
I went to Trish's home and was given a tour of the animal kennels. Trish took me into her home with her family and pets. I was impressed with how clean the facilities for the dogs were and how all the animals were treated like family pets. The dogs had their nails trimmed and appeared generally well cared for. I have sinced purchased three dogs from Trish. One of my dogs, Sienna, was Trish's family house pet for three years. Sienna slept in her daughters room and was loved by the family. Sienna started having trouble getting along with the other females and for Sienna's safety Trish had to find her a new home.  Having owned a dog that Trish raised for three years, I can assure you she treats her animals well. Sienna is one of the most well beahved, sweetest animals I have ever owned.
Dutchess is my other Great Dane I purchased from Trish. Dutchess is all puppy. She went through a stage where she ate everything she could find including things that are not meant to fit through a dogs stomach. This was a very  stressful time in my life because she almost died on two occasions. Dutchess ate a long piece of rope that wrapped around her intestines. When Ducthess first became ill I immediately contacted Trish. I called Trish at all hours of the day and night with updates and questions. This was when Trish's son was still a baby and she had her hands full but was always willing to calm me down and walk me through what to do.   On more than one occasion, Trish has told me to demand the veterinarian do a procedure they didn't initially want to do and both times the vet said it ended up saving my dogs life.  My dogs are in generally good health and have not had any hereditary or genetic health problems.
Trish has always been available for me when I needed her and because of this has become a family friend. She has no obligation but is always willing to help me with any dog related questions and gives me great advice. She has spent numerous hours on the phone educating me on the breed, dog care and discipline. I have found Trish to be a better resource than my dog trainer, however Trish doesn't charge me $60 and hour for the great advice!
One reason I chose to purchase my Great Dane from Trish was because of the clean record she had on the internet. It saddens me that someone may miss out on the wonderful opportunity to own one of her dogs because of an slanderous internet post.  If I had read the complaint post about Trish while doing my research I may have not known the pleasure of owning Dutchess and Sienna as I would have moved on to the next breeder.

Sincerely,  Angela Morehouse
 I just realized that Tiger, my Brindle Boy is turning 8 years old in April.  He is doing so well and it puts a smile on my face to think of years that have gone by and all that I have learned about this amazing breed since he was born.  I laugh too thinking of the hours you spent with me on the phone, long before he was born as I geared up for his arrival !   Vanity, my Black Beauty is now over 3 years old and is doing beautiful as will.  They are best of buds.  You are a great matchmaker.
 I want to thank you so much for everything you have done over the years.  You probably don’t know this, but Mick and I talked to more than a dozen breeders in California and visited the shows, etc.  We were so interested in learning more about the Danes and making sure not only the breed was right for us but that we were right for the breed.  We were interviewing to find a breeder right for us….someone who had passion and knowledge about the breed.  You not only educated us on the demands, requirements and seriousness of being a Dane owner, you enlightened us to want to learn as much as possible about this beautiful breed.  The quality of your puppies is amazing and I still would not trust getting a Dane puppy to any other breeder!  Even across the miles.
 Their health and temperament is superior and I know it is because of your high standards.  You seemed to be interested in getting to know us and I realize now, it was because you wanted to be sure your pup was going to a quality home with not only the usual dog responsibility, but Great Dane responsibility, which is a whole new deal.  It is serious business but well rewarded with a lot of love, patience and knowledge so I thank you for taking the time to educate me and direct me to the materials to learn everything required to raise and maintain my pups.
 I have learned so much!  I don’t know if you remember, I even called you a couple years ago asking a question about a friend’s dog because their breeder was too busy to return a call !  I boast about you all of the time—actually a lot of my friends have learned a lot about quality training, feeding, and health care because of you.
 I wanted to attached recent pics of my kids so you can see how well they are doing—I think they are up to your standards!
 Thank you again Trish!
 Dane Lover Forever,
 J e a n i n e   G i b s o n

Hey Trish,

As you well know I would never purchase another dane outside of Niobraragreatdanes. I know I don't have to worry about him like other dane owners do. People say he moves like a graceful small dog in a large body. Everyone I come into contact with especially other dane owners always comment on Enzo's playful temperament and his build and overall look. I have had nothing but a pleasant experience with the whole screening and purchasing process. You have also been there to answer any questions about raising and care of my Niobraragreatdane puppy. I feel that what you and the other breeders abroad have only increased the standrd for what great danes should be. When I'm ready for another puppy I will only purchase from Niobragreatdanes.
James E Handy Jr.

we are saddened to hear that this person is speaking negativly against Trish and Niobrara Danes. As a matter of fact, we take it personally. I can write a novela about what Trish and her dogs has done for me.
Trish as a person who cares about each owner and each of her dogs. She goes the extra mile to keep in contact with us and get up dates on our dogs, as well as ALWAYS available to answer questions we may have no matter what they are. We bought our two Danes from Niobrara because they do NOT get the same illnesses as other Danes are prone to...we know first hand about that as i am sure other Dane owners, and because Trish stands behind her animals 100%. These dogs become our family mnembers.
Our first from Trish, Paris, a blue, is 5 years old and has NEVER been sick a day in her life.
Toby, the youngest is 4 and he is a beautifu brute of health!! As a matter of fact, they get more beautiful and strong  the older they get!!
We will ONLY get our dogs from Niobrara. It is quite clear this woman is trying to get money from Trish and because she could not is angry and lashing out until she gets her way. Trish is MORE than fair.
Dr. Saba

o    To whom it may concern;

I have been a customer of Niobrara Great Danes since 2005. This is incorrect. My family is more than just a customer who purchased a dog. Our relationship with Ms. Hanson has become a close friendship and we are part of a large family of Niobrara Great Dane owners. I was introduced to Ms. Hanson through a mutual friend, and Dane owner. Our first conversation centered around feeling us out to judge if we would be qualified owner of one of her dogs. This phone call lasted at least four hours. We were then required to complete a lengthy questionnaire. Ms. Hanson's efforts to place her dogs in a quality environment are evident even to this day. A few months later we received our first Dane. He is considered to be one of the healthiest and most beautiful animals our vet has had come into his office. Eight months later our little girl arrived. She is 120 lbs. and a stunning example of the breed. Both our Danes are now six years of age. We have not had one health problem with either Dane. Our male has become a certified AKC therapy dog. He is the star of the show when they visit nursing homes,schools and libraries. Our Dane's attitude and personalities are exceptional. Ms. Hanson has always been easily reached and never once failed to return a phone call. Every call centers around our dogs well being. Ms. Hanson's love and devotion to her dogs,and owners, puts her at the top of the list of breeders in the nation. I'm considering another dog and it will only be a Niobrara Great Dane. My family will be forever grateful to Ms. Hanson and Niobrara Great Danes for our wonderful loving members of our family. They are more than just dogs to us owners. They're "The Babies".
Jacque F. Sawyer

 Rogie                                                                          Rogie and Bijou!!
    This is Ransom my 3 year old Black male Dane he is one of two that I have from Niobrara Great Danes
This dog is amazing -
Ransom had developed allergies at the age of two and Trish was on the phone with me everyday for updates on his progress and trying to figure out what was wrong - she requested all the notes so that they can be kept on file for him- she was heavily involved with direction of treatment and recommendations.
Since then, turns out it is a household allergy nothing to do with the breed or the dog it was a carpet in my house.
She continues to check in on both my Danes to see how they are doing and always requests updated pictures.
She goes above and beyond any breeder I know.
She has also helped out with suggestions for some of my Danes that I rescue for health and medical issues.
To think that she is anything but caring and concerned about her dogs is ridiculous! I would only hope that more breeders were like her.
I will always continue to get my Danes from Trish and Niobrara Great Danes I would never have it any other way

Rachel & Jeff Wilson
    This is my 1 year old blue girl Anya. This is my second dog from Niobrara Great Danes. My experience with my first was so great and I was so impressed with her breeding that I had to have another.
Anya, was a little behind in her growing and Trish held her back from sending her to us for almost a month because she wanted her to be at her top weight to be flown here.
She even took me threw her ear cropping process from day of and the days that follow.
I speak with Trish regularly as she is always checking on our dogs.
She is by far one of the best breeders out there and truly cares about her Danes.
Rachel & Jeffrey Wilson
    To Whom It May Concern
    I have owned Great Danes for the past 42 years.  In searching for my most recent danes it was clear to me that I needed to find a breeder who could address the concerns I had with the breeding of danes.  My danes went from living 11-13 years old to 4-6 years old. In searching on line and then speaking with Trish Hansen of Niobrara Great Danes I knew I had found what I was searching for.  Trish is by far the most knowledgeable person I have ever associated with regarding danes.  She explained her breeding program to me which is unmatched in terms of raising heathly danes.  She screened our family including our current dogs to make sure we had a good match.  She takes every precaution in ensuring not only that your dane arrives to you safely but is well cared for after they arrive.
    I have purchased two separate danes as puppies from Niobrara.  Santana (black male) is now five years old and Monet (blue female) is four.  These danes are exceptional both in their stature and dispositions.  They remind me of what I call the "old timey" great danes.  Trish has always been available to me, via phone and e-mail, to answer the most mundane of questions regarding training and feeding to participating in conference calls with my vet when I asked her.  She also consulted with me on an older dane that I did not even purchase from her. I would not consider purchasing another dane from any other source.  Niobrara Great Danes are the GREATEST!!
    Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.
    Best Regards,
    Kimberly Kukla
    Cell 731-298-1023

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    To Whom It May Concern:
    I have owned 2 Danes from Niobrara Great Danes. I adopted from Trish Hanson knowing the risks of owning a giant breed dog; health risks of giant breeds and behavioral risk of needing to socialize such a big pet. As an owner I agreed to take responsibility for the dog’s health and behavior and use my breeder as a mentor for any potential issues. Trish Hanson has always been available to answer any questions I had as well as keep me updated on puppy status when I was a potential adopter.  I feel that I can come to her with any issues I might have with one of her pups and she will guide me and advise me in a professional manner.  If I had any issues with one of her dogs, I know she would offer to take the dog back and work out an agreement for compensation or replacement. Both of my dogs from her have been healthy and well-adjusted animals.
    Kendra Barclay, Brainerd MN
    Max is PERFECT, if I do say so. As you know, he is just over 1 year old now. The doctor marvels at his construction and structure. Everyone we meet at the dog park, taking walks, everywhere, remarks at how magnificent he is. But to us, he is just our perfect little baby. The sweetest disposition, and, thanks to tireless training from his mommy, as obedient as you could hope for in a child!

Hope your health is back. Let me know how we can best support you.

Mike Senft
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    I am writing a letter in regards to the breeder of Niobrara Great Danes, Trish Hanson.  I have nothing but the utmost respect for this breeder.  She has a very extensive knowledge of the breed, pedigrees, health concerns/issues prevalent in the breed.  She is very willing to answer all questions/concerns of new puppy owners and has a great reputation among other breeders.  I have a female great dane from Trish and am planning on getting another from her.  I have had no health issues, no problems, nothing.  My puppy has not only great health, but wonderful temperament.  I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with this breeder.  I have emailed her several times just to update and have always been very promptly replied to.  I have called several times as well and have never had it take her more than 24 hours to respond.  She has not only been very prompt in her responses, but has always been very knowledgeable and capable.  My puppy is in amazing health and I have had absolutely nothing short of a fantastic experience with Trish.
    Cathy Morris
    Renaissance Great Danes and Neapolitan Mastiffs