Puppy Questionnaire/Contract

Instructions: Copy below and paste into an email, be sure to fill out all questions. When all questions have been answered send.

Thank you for your interest in our Danes. Due to the enormous amount of emails we get inquiring about puppies , I will first answer the emails that have taken the time to fill out our Puppy Application.  Finding the most loving, well educated homes is my very first priority. I take careful time to get to know everyone that is going to receive a puppy from us. These questions help me get to know new homes,  what you are looking for in a Dane and what you expect  from your  breeder. Just answer to the best of your ability.  


Today’s date:






Phone:                          Cell:


Name and City and State of Airport you would ship into:


Referred by:

Are you interested in a male or female puppy?

What color ?

Why do you want a Great Dane?

Do you own or rent your home?

How long have you lived at this address?

Who will be the primary care giver?

When your family is on vacation who will care for the dog?

Is anyone home during the day?                    Who?

If you have previously owned a Great Dane, where was it purchased from?

Do you have any other animals?

What do you expect the activity level of a Great Dane to be?

How will he be confined when he is outside?

What brand of kibble do you plan to feed this puppy?

Are you planning to have this puppy's ears cropped?

Are you planning to have the breeder handle the crop or are you to handle it after the puppy arrives?

Do you agree that this puppy will be spayed or neutered after 9 months and before 11 months  if it is on a limited registration?

Do you understand that if you place a deposit on a puppy it is non refundable?

Do you understand that you will follow a proper vaccination schedule recommended by the breeder and agreed upon with your vet?

Are you willing to permit home-check?

Are you willing to crate train your puppy for his safety?

Are you aware of the yearly costs of maintaining a healthy dog ?

Yearly vaccines can be $40-$60. Then there is heart worm preventative (daily or monthly), flea control (pet & premises), dental care, food, accessories, as well as many other unforeseen items/circumstances (such as an accident or illness).

Are you prepared to meet these requirements ?

Here is a series of important questions. Answering all carefully will helpin selecting right dog for you.

1. Why do you want a dog?  (Use an X)
____ Protection ___Friendship ___ Hunter ____ Child's friend ___Appearance
 ______ Show prospect ____ Training prospect

 What aspect of a dog is most important to you?   (Use an X)
.__Appearance __Agility ____ Easy care coat __Quiet companion____

____Game player __Quick ____Obedience __Friendly attitude ___Adaptability

 What would your ideal dog look like? Are there some physical features you're especially looking for?

 What dog traits do you not like? (use an X)
___ Drooling ___ Odor ___ Jumping ___Inappropriate Chewing

___ Shedding___ Digging ____Excessive Barking

 Are you willing to take your dog to obedience training?

 Do you have any children? If yes, what are their ages?

 Children: A child should not be placed beyond its level of competence and reliability with any pet. How much responsibility will your child be given in the
care and management of the dog?

How much adult supervision of dog and child will be provided? (Use an X)
_____ Maximum _____ Some ___Minimal _____ None

Supervision with neighborhood children? (Use an X) 
____ Maximum _____ Some _____ Minimal _____ None

Temperament desired:  (Use an X)
Natural leader: ____ Follower: __Friendly:___ Aloof: ____
Outgoing: ____Activity level: High ____ Moderate__Low

How would you encourage, reinforce your dog's appropriate or good behavior?

How would you prevent, manage your dog's inappropriate ("not so good") ill-timed behaviors?

Do you have any further comments about why you want a Great Dane?  

References :
May we check with any or all of the below references ?

Veterinarian (name & number) :

Trainer (if any) :

Personal references, please provide 2:

Do you understand that if for any reason you need to find a home for this puppy that it has to be returned to Niobrara Danes at your expense and we will be responsible for finding it a home?

Do you understand and agree that if I am notified that this dog has been sold ,given away or re-homed you will face a penalty of 1000.00 and the dog will be taken back by Niobrara Danes or an authorized agent and no money shall be returned to you or anyone else involved?

And last but not least , do you promise to send pictures and stay in contact with Niobrara Danes on your puppy?

Your printed name:



We guarantee that all vaccinations and worming are up-to-date, there is a shot record and a Veterinarian certification included with every puppy. When you receive your puppy you have seventy-two (72) hours to have your puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian. If upon Veterinarian examination, the puppy is to be found to have a life threatening illness or congenital defect, the breeder must be contacted and legal proof from a licensed Veterinarian of the defect must be sent immediately. The puppy must be returned at the buyer’s expense and a replacement puppy will be given as soon as one is available (the shipment of the replacement puppy is at the buyer’s expense). If the puppy has not visited a licensed Veterinarian within seventy-two (72) hours, the contract is null and void.
The Seller guarantees the puppy for 24 months against fatal or life altering hereditary problems that would make said puppy unsuitable as a pet. If the puppy has passed away before 24 months of age, an autopsy must be performed at the Purchasers expense, to indicate that the puppy did die of a genetic problem. If the death is found to be caused by a genetic/hereditary problem, then the Seller will give a replacement puppy from future litter of same quality.
This guarantee does not cover certain issues that are common for a Great Dane. For example; torsion of the stomach (bloat), haw eyes, entropion, allergies,uneven bites, cherry eye, undescended testicles, demodex mange, inguinal or umbilical hernias, fleas, ticks or ear mites, giardia, coccidiosis and kennel cough (common in puppies that are shipped). No veterinary bills will be paid by the seller once the buyer receives the puppy. All veterinary services are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
Buyer agrees to have “pet” puppy spayed or neutered before 1 year of age but not before the age o f9 months. Early spay or neuter voids the guarantee. Upon written proof of spay/neuter from veterinarian, AKC limited registration will be provided.
Under no circumstances does the Seller guarantee any preventable or accidental death, injury or illness or any problems that are not genetic. Examples: Failure to vaccinate on schedule or to follow our vaccination protocol, treatment against heartworm or any other parasites, Hypertrophic Osteodystrophy (HOD), Panosteitis (Pano), OCD, failure to seek veterinarian treatment as needed, etc. Seller also does not guarantee puppy from illness or death caused by any cosmetic surgery. Guarantee is valid only if puppy is current on all vaccinations. Guarantee becomes void if it is determined by Sellers Veterinarian that the illness or death of the puppy was due to neglect or abuse in any way.
Any illness believed to be related to overfeeding, overfeeding high amounts of protein or over supplementation of vitamins and minerals is not covered in this contract.
Purchaser agrees to provide the Seller with updated pictures of the puppy/dog and allows the Seller to use said pictures on website with acknowledgment given to the Purchaser. Seller also reserves the right to contact the Purchaser to inquire on how the puppy/dog is doing with his/her new family. If the Purchaser relocates to a new home etc., Seller requests that the purchaser contact us within 30 days with a new phone number, address & email address (if available). In turn, the Purchaser can contact the Seller at any time with any questions or concerns.
Purchaser will not register puppy with any other registry other than AKC without written consent from Seller. If it is found that dog/bitch has been registered with another registry(CKC, UKC etc.) without written consent from Seller, Purchaser will pay seller an additional $2000.00 as penalty. If puppies result from dog/bitch with AKC limited registration, Purchaser will pay Seller $1000.00 for each puppy produced.
Both parties recognize South Dakota as the jurisdiction in which this contract was created, and as such, should any disputes arise as a result of this contract, which are unable to resolve amicably, agree that any court proceedings will take place in South Dakota. Buyer is responsible for any and all court costs and attorney’s fees of Seller assessed in the resolution of any disputes, and further acknowledges that the Buyer will pay for any claims for lost wages on the part of the seller as a result of court proceeding.
This guarantee is in accordance with the South Dakota State Department of Agriculture and Market laws.
The terms and conditions of this agreement have been read, understood, and agreed to on this
________Day of ______________________________, 200______.
Your signature below states that you have read, understand and agree to follow our guidelines.Email to Niobraragreatdanes@hotmail.com .Deposits are made through wire transfer, cashiers check or online account. AT NO TIME WILL WE TAKE A PERSONAL CHECK.
The purchase price including deposits are NONREFUNDABLE so make sure you are committed to one of our puppies.
Signature of Buyer:

                         WAYS TO VOID YOUR DANE’S GUARANTEE!!!

We have added this notice to our paperwork given to new buyers because some people have become hard of “listening”. People come to us because of the type of danes we raise, the guarantee we give, and the life expectancy of our danes. Some people acquire one of our pups and then decide that the advice of their vet, family, neighbors, and/or friends who have had pets should take precedence over our instructions. Should you elect to deviate from our instructions, you may well void your guarantee.

Failing to Notify Us Immediately of Any Health, Behavior or Temperament Problems Will Void Your Guarantee!
                    Failing to have your puppy checked by a vet within 72 hours of arrival to you will void your guarantee.
Remember to reference your danes call name when here; your danes parents name; and your danes birth date. This info should be kept with our phone number.
 We can often save you substantial amounts of both time and money, as well as unnecessary anxiety if you contact us immediately should you suspect a health or temperament problem or encounter what is, to you, a behavior problem.
Failure to notify us immediately of any health, behavior or temperament problem will void your guarantee. The only exception is a life threatening medical emergency. In the case of a life threatening emergency, we expect to be notified immediately after you have either consulted a veterinarian or left your dane with your veterinarian for treatment.
Except for a medical emergency, do not allow any expensive “testing”; any surgery; and do not allow any experimental procedures to be used on your dane before talking to us. Many vets are not familiar with European danes and their growth patterns and mistake their normal development (complete with their knobby knee joints) for an indication of a growth and development problem.
Failure to Follow our Feeding Instructions for the Pup’s First Six Months Will Void Your Guarantee!
Failure to follow our feeding instructions for your pup’s first six months can result in numerous very serious health problems. We guarantee your pup, but can only be responsible for its development if our instructions are followed. The idea is to feed the pup a diet that is in the 20-26% protein range.  The pup should be kept on Nutro Large Breed  puppy  kibble for the first six months of its life. After that time, the pup can continue on Nutro or you can switch to another quality kibble.
We don’t provide you with complicated feeding instructions. Please understand that failure to follow our feeding instruction for the pup’s first six months will void your guarantee!

Sending Your Pup Away from You for Training Will Void Your Guarantee!
If you elect to hire a trainer to work with your pup, the trainer should insist on your presence at each training session. If he/she does not, find another trainer. If you send your pup out for training, as opposed to going with the pup to a trainer or a class, you will void your guarantee.
Jogging Your Dane Will Void Your Guarantee!
Jogging a dane, especially on pavement, can destroy a sound set of hips.   These dogs are too large to endure endless pounding on their hip joints, and any unnecessary stress on their hips should be avoided, especially for their first two years. They can run and play on grass or dirt. Jogging one of our danes will void your guarantee.

Failing to Follow Our Puppy Vaccination Instructions Will Void Your Guarantee.
The first three puppy shots parvo, and distemper require either our vaccine or our brand of vaccine (Progard 5) on our schedule (7, 10, and 13 weeks) with no other vaccines of any type given on these three days. If you can’t vaccinate on the exact due date, go a day or two LATER. Some veterinarians will attempt to get you to allow him/her to give the 17 week parvo vaccine with the rabies vaccine or the distemper combo shots with other vaccines, like rabies or corona. Do not permit it. The 17 week parvo can be given a little later if you forget, but you cannot give the rabies vaccine until AT LEAST three weeks after the 17 week parvo vaccine.Rabies should wait until later in the puppies life as previously covered. If there is a question about timing or vaccines required, DON’T GUESS…CALL US! If you do not adhere to our schedule, you can void your guarantee.
Placing Your Dane in Someone Else’s Home Will Void Your Guarantee!
If you are ever unable or unwilling to take proper physical and emotional care of a dane you acquired from us, you must call us first. If you have a home you would like to put the dane into, we need to approve the placement. Otherwise, the dane must come back to us. It is your responsibility to get your dane back to us at no charge, should you decide to give it up. We will either keep it here or find a loving home for it. Should you be unable or unwilling to keep your dane and place your dane in another home yourself, the pup’s guarantee is voided.You will also face a penalty of $1000.00 and all expensed  for us  to gain possession of the dog again.
If you allow your vet to “chemically neuter” your male puppy, you will void your guarantee. This is a fairly new procedure with a fairly new drug, Neutersol. It is generally used on male pups from 3 to 10 months of age for chemically neutering, as an alternative to having them surgically neutered. Do not allow your vet to chemically neuter your male pup or you will have completely voided your guarantee.

We will NOT issue AKC limited registration papers for any puppy that has been
chemically neutered. The neutering of our male pups must be done surgically in order
for the pups’ owners to receive AKC’s limited registration papers for their pups.
 If you do not follow our neutering instructions, you will void your guarantee.
We recommend spaying female pups at 9-11 months of age, before they come into heat for the first time. If you do not spay your female BEFORE her first heat, you will void your guarantee. We recommend neutering male pups at 9-11 months of age. If you have you male pup neutered before he is 6  months of age, you will void your guarantee.
Signature of buyer acknowledging you have read  the above information:

***We love puppy pictures, so don’t forget us.***
Please keep above for your records.