Niobrara's Rumor Has It I'm Unique





Rumor is a daughter of Tucker and Rio. This is a simply amazing cross.

Rumor is stunning.... and she knows it.

Unique Unity de la Benjamine Shamaco de la Benjamine Ferdjanni von der Nibelungenburg  Darcy vom Leininger Land 
Bjulah von der Nibelungenburg 
Nina de la Benjamine  Nahbay vom Haus Tiefenbach 
Leiria de la Benjamine 
Saratoustra de la Benjamine Plasir D'Amour des Habits Rouges  Milton del Eden Blue 
Melodie du Val de L'Amitie
Nijinskaia de la Benjamine  Nahbay vom Haus Tiefenbach
Hiroshima de la Benjamine
Niobrara's Rumor Has It I'm Unique
MT Tucker Hanson  Ko Tyson Wolff  CH Halemoss Rojon Dounreay  CH Regene Brigadoon of Jonathie
CH Halemoss Lakeland Sonnet 
Dancing Spirits Nikki CH Rojon's Don-Sue Luke V Lostc
Mecca Dane Kenya Imbili
Jewels of Wolff Farms  Bon Chardonnay V Champlain  CH Avant's Bon Chance V Weaver
Ms Martinique of Champlain 
Aftershock's Roqua V Sheldane  CH G'dieter's Chance Encounter 
Victorys Wind In the Willow 

Rumor 1 year

Rumor 1 year

6 months old

Dam : MT Tucker Hanson



Sire: Unique Unity de la Benjamine


                                                              Rumor kids

Bella, Loved by The Reynold's

Photograph by

Rumor x Cayne

Beau, Loved by JoAnn and Family in Fla.

Rumor x Armani


Adored by the Larsen Family


Loved by Jaime and Aaron

Jackson and Truman ,buddies forever

Sampson, loved by Joe and Tamara


zzzzzzzHenley, loved by the Fife Family

Silver Sage Great Danes

Co-Owned with Niobrara

Truman, loved by Aaron, Jaime and Jackson

Co-Owned with Niobrara

Willow, loved by the Ladd Family

Calidora Great Danes

Co-Owned with Niobrara



Odin, Loved by the Peterson's

Professionally handled by Lindsay

Co-Owned with Niobrara

Ramsom, owned and loved

by the Wilson's

Bella, Loved by the Reynolds  family

Photograph by

Boss, Loved by the Stewart's

Rachel and Ransom

Niobrara's No Rhyme or Reason

Anya Loved by Rachel and her adorable husband Jeffrey