Mayhem and Riata have been bred and expecting a litter Feb. 2016

All inquires on this litter need to be directed to Tonya Fain . Email for puppy questionnaire and contract.  Text or call for inquiries 859-339-3730.

















Niobrara Great Danes will always stay focused on structure, health and temperament of these wonderful animals. Our Danes are treasured members of our family. We primarily own European imported Great Danes from some of the very best kennels in Europe that we will continue to work closely with. In our imported Danes we have found temperament second to none, amazing structure, and wonderfully healthy thriving Danes. We have chosen this type of Dane as our personal choice in what we love in these dogs. We will continue to strive to preserve the “Old Style” Great Dane. Our Puppy families are carefully and thoroughly screened, references are checked after a puppy questionnaire has been completed and emailed back to us. A Great Dane puppy is a huge commitment and not one to be taken lightly. You must possess a great sense of humor, lots of patience, and consistent obedience training. If you don’t have much time to dedicate to a dog then a Dane is not for you. They are very sensitive and hate to be alone. They are kind, sweet, and very much in need of as much attention as you can give them. Having a Great Dane in your life will bring so much joy if you are prepared for the commitment.
If you are planning to show, full registration will be discussed on an individual basis.. We carefully choose the best families for our puppies to love. We truly treasure the families that have become so very close to us and the wonderful friends we have made through our love of Danes. We do not sell puppies for breeding purposes alone. Our pet puppies  will have limited AKC registration and will be on a spay/neuter contract. We are always here to help and will only work with families that will stay in touch with us and let us help them to raise a healthy, happy, properly socialized , well behaved Great Dane.
Please email to set up the best time to visit by phone. We have a family and the Danes take up a great amount of our time. Scheduled phone interviews insure time and my full attention when visiting with you.
Niobrara Great Danes